IPRI – Islamabad Policy Research Institute

Journal of Current Affairs Vol. 4, Nos. 1 & 2

Research Papers

1. Afghanistan Peace Process Outlook
Ambassador (Retd.) Asif Durrani, Muhammad Nawaz Khan,
Adeel Mukhtar & Waleed Yawer

2. Post-COVID-19 World and Pakistan’s Response Strategy
Brig. (Retd.) Raashid Wali Janjua, Khalid Chandio,
Umar Farooq Khan & Usama Nizamani

3. Maritime Power of Pakistan – Prospects for Enhancing Economic Development
Dr Anjum Sarfraz

4. A New Security Environment and India’s Evolving Asia-Pacific Strategy
Amna Ejaz Rafi

5. Re-examining the Centrality of Pak-US Ties to South Asia
Hannan R. Hussain

6. Neutrality-cum-Balancing: Understanding Pakistan’s Foreign and Diplomatic Policy in the MENA Region
Faizan Rai

Book Reviews

1. John Lewis Gaddis, On Grand Strategy (London: Penguin Press, 2018), 313. Reviewed by Taimur Shamil

2. Christopher J. Fettweis, Psychology of a Superpower: Security and Dominance in U.S. Foreign Policy (New York: Colombia University Press, 2018), 280. Reviewed by Maryam Nazir

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