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IPRI Webinar Series “70 years of friendship: Navigating the Future”

This year marks the 70 years of relationship for Pakistan and China. The leadership on both sides have time and again reiterated the strategic relationship as “deeper than the oceans, higher than the mountains and sweeter than honey”. Along with the military and strategic partnership, both countries have also stressed on bilateral trade agreements and investment commitments. To celebrate the 70 years of strategic relationship, the webinar “70 years of friendship: Navigating the Future” is an attempt to bring analyst from both China and Pakistan to reflect on the 70 years of relationship and deliberate on the point of convergences that the relationship could pivot on for the future. Themes:

1. The areas of convergence i.e. military, economic, and cultural.
2. The role of CPEC in regional connectivity and geo-economics.
3. The future trends and possibilities of expanding the bilateral relationship.

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