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Conflict and Cooperation in South Asia: Role of Major Powers

This book is based on the views expressed by eminent scholars from the US, Russia, China and Pakistan on Conflict and Cooperation in South Asia: Role of Major Powers. The aim of the volume is to map out major powers’ strategic interests given the fluid environment of cooperation and conflict in South Asia.












Welcome Address

Brig. (R) Mehboob Qadir                                                               


Keynote Address

Ambassador Yao Jing                                                                     


Inaugural Address

Tehmina Janjua                                                                          


Concluding Address

Sardar Masood Khan                                                                     






Role of Major Powers in South Asia


  1. The US and South Asia: From Unipolarity to Multipolarity

             Dr Ahmed Ijaz Malik                                                                                      

  1. Russia and South Asia: Putin’s ‘Look East Policy’

            Dr Najamudin Ayoola                                                              


  1. Current Situation and Future of Economic Cooperation between China and South Asia

            Dr Wang Shida


US’ South Asia Policy under Trump Administration: Future of Regional Stability


  1. Trump’s South Asia Policy: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

            Dr Joshua T. White                                                                   


  1. Emerging Trends in the Security Architecture of South Asia: Role of Pakistan

           Dr M. Sheharyar Khan                                                       


South Asian Dynamics:

Interests of Major Powers


  1. Testing Rationality in Foreign Policy: Donald Trump and the US-Pakistan Relationship

              Harrison Akins


  1. Geopolitics of South Asia and Interests of China

            Dr Liu Zongyi                                                                                


  1. Russia’s Interests in South Asia: From Old Geopolitical to New Strategic Alignments

            Leonid Savin                                                                                  


From Geopolitics to

Geoeconomic Trajectories


  1. Investing in Peace: Economic Interdependence in South Asia

              Dr Huma Baqai and Sabiha Mehreen


  1. Moving from Conflict Management to Conflict Resolution: Way Out for India and Pakistan

             Dr Naeem Ahmed                                                                     


  1. Sino-US Geopolitical Competition: Implications for Pakistan

             Dr Sarwat Rauf                                                                        


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