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Emerging Security Order in Asia Pacific: Impact on South Asia

The Asia Pacific region has undergone fundamental changes in its organisation, security order, and power structure in the post-Cold War era. The region has become a powerhouse of global economic and geopolitical transformation as part of Asian ascendance in comparison to the West, which in general perception is no longer the world’s centre of gravity. The accretion of military power that has inevitably followed this region’s economic growth is altering the balance of power within and between Asia and the West. The union of ASEAN, the U.S. and China have major mutual, conflictual and even controversial stakes here. The papers and essays in this book untangle the security, historical, social, cultural, and even financial dynamics of this diverse area. Important themes covered include overview of the Asia Pacific region vis-à-vis security order; U.S. re-engagement; rising China; regional connectivity; power politics and its implications for South Asia.

Book Contents:

  1. Emerging Trends in the Security Architecture of Asia Pacific- Ambassador (retd.) Shamshad Ahmad
  2. The South China Sea in ASEAN-U.S.-China Relations-Bunn Nagara
  3. Rising China and Regional Stability: South Asian Perspective-Ameen Izzadeen
  4. Advancing Defence Cooperation in Asia Pacific and the U.S. Rebalancing Strategy: The Reality of an American-Indian ‘Strategic Partnership’-Late Dr David Robert Jones           
  5. Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo Pacific: Pakistani Perspective-Dr Rizwan Nasser
  6. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: An Opportunity for Regional Prosperity-Dr Liu Zongyi
  7. India as a Linchpin of U.S. Strategy in Asia Pacific and Policy Options for Pakistan-Majid Ali Noonari
  8. Geostrategic Competition in Asia Pacific and Security Implications for South Asia-Dr Sinderpal Singh
  9. U.S. Pivot/Rebalance Policy and Role for India-Riaz Mohammad Khan
  10. China’s Constructive Role in Asia Pacific- Zhao Lijian
  11. Building a Co-operative Security Order for Asia Pacific: A Way Forward- Ambassador Margaret Adamson

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