Tentative Forecast of Events 2014

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Events with Brief Details



1. Revisiting Kashmir Policy One-day Conference 30 Jan 2014
2. Pakistan-China Friendship: Taking it to New Heights One-day Conference 26 Mar 2014
3. Economic Opportunities for Pakistan in Gulf Countries One-day Conference 30 Apr 2014
4. Pakistan’s Strategic Environment Post 2014 International Conference 28-29 May 2014
5. Pakistan-Bangladesh Relations: Managing Irritants and Finding Sustainable Solutions One-day International Conference The Conference has been postponed. Fresh dates will be announced later.
6. Roadmap for Economic Growth of Pakistan National Conference 22-23 Oct 2014
7. Balochistan: Enhancing the Pace of Development and Prosperity One day National Conference 30 Oct 2014
8. Major Powers Interests in Indian Ocean: Challenges and Options for Pakistan International Conference 18-19 Nov 2014
9. Solutions of Energy Crises in Pakistan One-day National Workshop

(Not a public event)

17 Dec 2014

Note:   The forecast is tentative and would be subject to changes.