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The Distinguished Lecture Series aims to bring scholars, scientists, industry-experts, policy makers and artists to share their work with the wider public.
The Series hosts lectures on wide ranging topics of natural and social sciences as diverse and multidisciplinary as artificial intelligence, neuroscience, data analytics in digital age, macroeconomics, nuclear energy and nonproliferation, international law, and foreign policy analysis.

Distinguished Lecturers

Naz Shah

Naseem Shah is a British Labour Party politician. She was elected at the 2015 general election as Member of Parliament (MP) for Bradford West

Dr. Hassan Abbass

Dr. Hassan Abbas is a Senior Advisor and Bernard Schwartz Fellow at Asia Society and Professor of International Security Studies @National Defense University's College of International Security Affairs

Steve Coll

Steve Coll is an American journalist, academic and executive. He is currently the dean of the @Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Seyyed Hossein Nasr

He is an Islamic philosopher and Professor of Islamic Studies @George Washington University.

Dr. Reza Baqir

Dr. Reza Baqir was appointed as the Governor of State Bank of Pakistan by the President of Pakistan on May 04, 2019.

Dr. Adeel Malik

Associate Professor in Development Economics at the University of Oxford’s Department of International Development

Dr. Maya Tudor

Associate Professor of Government and Public Policy in the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxfor

Saleem H. Ali

Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment @University of Delaware

Mansoor Ahmed Khan

Ambassador of Pakistan to Afghanistan

Homi K. Bhabha

He is the Anne F. Rothenberg Professor of the Humanities at Harvard University




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