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IPRI Webinar Series Afghanistan’s Economy in Crisis: Possible Scenarios

While the Afghan society is caught in the political crisis, one implication less discussed is the economic collapse of the Afghan economy and the subsequent spillover of the political turmoil in Afghanistan on the Pakistan’s economy and pursuits of regional connectivity. Afghanistan’s financial system was heavily reliant on foreign assistance and funding. 75% of the Afghan civilian budget and the entire $4 billion defense budget was paid by the United States, its NATO allies, and others. However, after the Taliban takeover in Kabul, the United States and the international organizations such as IMF have suspended the aid to Afghanistan. The webinar is an attempt to discuss the potential fallout on the Afghan economy, and its implications for Pakistan.

1- Dr. Aqdas Afzal
2- Dr. Samina Khalil
3- Dr. Zahid Shahab Ahmed

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