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The Drone Dilemma

  Much has been talked about the agenda of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to United States. Prime Minister has described drone strikes as a major irritant in Pak-US relations. During his meeting with President Obama, Prime Minister called for an end to drone strikes. President Obama did not assure Prime Minister regarding any change …

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Pakistan Needs Discipline, Not Cult-Driven Anarchy

“The root of the problem lies in a milieu where there is no hope, no jobs, no justice and no opportunities of social or political advancement for the educated youth in Pakistan” With help of social media, a political protagonist has polarised the national political discourse, injecting the poison of irrational hatred in minds, with …

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Of Post-Modernity, Cults And Populism

The rise of populists around the globe has often dealt significant blows to democratic governance. Institutional strength and political messaging are key to defeating populists at the polls. We are living in a post-truth age, where lies are peddled as coherent narratives, or bayania, and proudly disseminated. For populists, popularity is more important than truth. Even …

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