IPRI – Islamabad Policy Research Institute

Zeeshan Javed

Job Title: Assistant Research Associate (ARA)

Educations: MPhil in Strategic Studies-SS, NDU, Islamabad, MSc in International Relations, NDU, Islamabad, B.A. in Political Science, Economics, University of the Punjab, Lahore

Area of Research: Emerging Technologies, Revolution in Military Affairs, Conventional Force Balance, Missile Technologies, Strategic Stability, Nuclear Deterrence, Conventional Deterrence, Military  Warfare and Doctrines, Civilian Applications of Emerging Technologies

Mr. Zeeshan Javed is currently working as a Assistant Research Associate at the Islamabad Policy Research Institute. He holds an M.Phil in Strategic Studies from the National Defence University, Islamabad. His area of expertise is in the Revolution in Military Affairs, integration of modern technologies with the military domain. In addition to this, he also holds extensive knowledge on the issues of military technology development, nuclear deterrence, strategic stability issues and conventional force balance. He has also served as a Research Fellow at the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI).

He can be reached at: zeeshan.javed@ipripak.org

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