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Usama Nizamani

Job Title:  Assistant Research Associate (ARA)

Qualifications:  MPhil in Strategic Studies, Department of Strategic Studies, Faculty of Contemporary Sciences (FCS), National Defence University of Pakistan, Islamabad.

BS in Psychology, Department of Psychology, Virtual University of Pakistan, Lahore.

Areas of Research:  Strategic Studies (with special focus on issues related to technology, policy, (such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet Governance, Cyber-security) cognitive-behavioral aspects of decision-making  and nuclear and strategic issues (involving, particularly, Pakistan-India, India-China, China-US and US-China engagement in South Asia and Asia Pacific).

Mr. Usama Nizamani joined IPRI in 2017, bringing along his professional experience of behavior sciences, after having worked as a Psycho-Social Trainer (2015-2017) with IREX and Bytes for All, Pakistan. At IPRI, he has developed extensive experience on emerging technologies and cyberspace and maps their impact on future strategic landscape.  He also augments his academic and professional experience of behavioral sciences in studying strategic decision making. Mr. Nizamani is an author of many research papers on technology and policy related issues: internet governance and digital economy, fake news, and role of emerging technologies in inter-state crisis and its impact on strategic decision making.   

Mr. Nizamani has been featured as a speaker, discussant and panelist in various national and international conferences/webinars related to tech, policy and strategic issues. He has six published rigorous research-based policy papers to his credit. He regularly contributes in national and international dailies.    

Mr. Nizamani has also been featured as a delegate of Track-II dialogue, ‘Beyond Politics and Polemics New Beginning on a Difficult Trail’ by Regional Policy Institute (RPI) and United States Institute of Peace (USIP) in 2019. Mr. Nizamani is a graduate of National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad where his post-graduate research specialized on “Emerging Shifts in India’s Nuclear Strategy: From No First Use to First Use?”     

Research Papers

  1. Emerging Technologies, Crises, Decision Making Process and Regional Stability, Anthology of 22nd Sustainable Development Conference, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, and Islamabad.  (To be released in December 2020 on 23rd SDC, Islamabad)
  2. Monetisation of Fake News in the Cyber Domain: A Roadmap for Building Domestic and International Cyber Resilience, Journal of Strategic Studies, Islamabad, Vol. 39, No. 4, 2019. (HEC category, “Y”)
  3. Pakistan’s Tourism Potential: Impediments, Opportunities and Way Forward, Vol. XVIII, No. 80 (3/2019), Geopolitica (Special Pakistan Issue)
  4. Post-COVID-19 World and Pakistan’s Response Strategy, Journal of Current Affairs, Volume 4, Nos. 1 & 2 – 2020.
  5. Internet Governance and Pakistan’s Digital Economy, Journal of Current Affairs, Volume 3, No. 2. 2019. 
  6. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Implications for South Asia’s Strategic Stability, Journal of Current Affairs, Vol. 2, No. 2 – 2018.

For engagements, he can be reached at usama.nizamani@ipripak.org  

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