Report Margalla Dialogue On Peace And Development In South Asia, Middle East, Central Asia 14 Nov 2019

Margalla Dialogue 2019 is a useful vehicle for policy makers to benefit from research-based inputs and independent ideas. The Dialogue, therefore, must continue as an annual event.Prime Minister Imran Khan recommended that events like the Margalla Dialogue should be annual events. He was addressing the Concluding Session of the two-day Margalla Dialogue on Peace and Development in South Asia, Middle East, Cbetral Asia (SAMECA) organized by the Islamabad Policy Research Institute. “Events like this are a great beginning which intend to communicate Pakistan’s ideas and point of view to the outside world,” he stressed. The Prime Minister pointed out that “Pakistan’s main aim is that we do not want to be aligning with any country where we have to fight someone else’s war. This only leads to great suffering. As a frontline state, we lost more than we gained. The impact on our society has not been analyzed, especially its negative fallout. The war on terror was a disaster for Pakistan. Now, we will only be a bridge builder and reconciliator.”He applauded China’s diplomacy and said “China’s way of running their foreign policy is far superior since at no time did they commit to anyone else’s war.”


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