Research Domains


Security and Defence
I. International Security
ii. National Security
iii. Defence Policy
iv. Military Issues
v. Warfare
vi. Terrorism and Extremism
vii. Nuclear and Strategic Issues
viii. Peace and Conflict
ix. Hybrid Warfare
x. Cyber and Information Warfare
xi. Weaponization of Space
Governance and Economy
i. Governance Models –
Best Practices
ii. Rule of Law, Transparency
and Accountability
iii. Democracy
iv. National Integration
v. Economy
vi. Sustainable Development
vii. Energy
viii. Agriculture
ix. Industry
x. Technology
International Studies 
I. Foreign Policy
ii. Diplomacy
iii. Inter-State Relations
iv. Politics of Major Powers
v. International Multilateral Organizations
vi. International Law
vii. International Humanitarian Law
viii. Geo-Politics
ix. Regional Integration and Connectivity
x. Globalization
xi. Refugees and Migration
xii. Non-state Actors
Sociocultural and Environmental Studies
i. Population
ii. Education
iii. Health
iv. Poverty Alleviation
v. Law
vi. Religion
vii. NGOs
viii. Urbanization
ix. Climate Change
x. Water Security
xi. Forestation/Vegetation Cover
xii. Natural Disaster Management
xiii. Environmental Friendly Development