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Strategic dialogue and Tactical effects

Week long ministerial level meeting of Pakistan-US strategic dialogue concluded on a positive note. Event has resumed after a lull of three years marked by irritants and breakdowns. Credit for re-railing the dialogue goes to both sides. Pak-US bilateral is a complex relationship because American clout extends beyond bilateral horizons. America is able to influence, both …

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Journal of Current Affairs

In a world where thousands of nuclear weapons exist and more countries are trying to acquire them, where suicide terrorist strikes come without warning and thousands die each day from poverty, we need to know and be aware of what is happening around us, based not on tweets, or media sound bytes or in breaking …

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Winter 2010,Volume X, Number 1

 Research Articles Governance and Democracy in Pakistan: Weaknesses, Strengths and Prospects                                                                                       Noor ul Haq brings out difficulties in constitutional development, obstructions in democratic governance, and takes the optimistic approach dispelling the gloomy forecasts.  The New Terrorism: Changing Face of War and Conflict                                      Mahdi Mohammad Nia discusses the changing …

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Summer 2009,Volume IX, Number 2

Research Articles  The Role of Observers in SAARC Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan                                                                         Pakistan Jihad: The Making of Religious Terrorism Dr Eamon Murphy & Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik                                           United States’ Attempt to Balance the Rise …

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Winter 2009,Volume IX, Number 1

Research Articles 1.    Building Peace in Sri Lanka: An Analysis of the Conflict and Plan                            for Intervention David Lewis, Cassandra Jastrow, Christopher Jonas, Tim Kennedy, Saira Yamin  2.    Converging Interests: Sino-Saudi Relations on the Rise                                            Aly Zaman and Ghulam …

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Tackling Terrorism: Time is the Essence!

While international focus is on bracing up for post 2014 Afghanistan, recent spiralling terrorist attacks have propped up a national contingency for us—tackling 2014 Pakistan. Unrelenting events of terrorism have weakened the pro-dialogue constituency and have strengthened the hawkish school of thought that sees ruthless use of force against terrorists (read Taliban) as the only …

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