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Summer 2009,Volume IX, Number 2

Research Articles  The Role of Observers in SAARC Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan                                                                         Pakistan Jihad: The Making of Religious Terrorism Dr Eamon Murphy & Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik                                           United States’ Attempt to Balance the Rise …

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Summer 2008,Volume VIII, Number 2

Articles NATO in Afghanistan: Outlook and Challenges Dr Maqsudul Hasan Nuri Pakistan-India Trade: Route to Intra-regional and Inter-regional Connectivity Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan Nuclear Iran and Regional Security: An Iranian Perspective Dr Amir Sajedi Pakistan’s Trading Relations with Central Asia (1991-2007) Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik Foreign Investment in Complexity of Globalisation and Socio-Political Economy: A …

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Summer 2007,Volume VII, Number 2

Summaries   Articles Sir Creek: The Origin and Development of the Dispute between Pakistan and India Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan Regional Non-Proliferation Regime (RNR) – A New Approach to Integrating De Facto Nuclear Weapon States into the International Non-Proliferation Regime: The Case of South Asia Adil Sultan Maritime Security Interests of Pakistan: A Historical Perspective …

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US Shutdown

The partial and completely avoidable shutdown of the United States (US) government showed no signs of ending quickly, as lawmakers stiffened their positions and sought to shift blame to the other side. The ongoing rift in the US Congress over budget for the year 2013-14 resulted in yet another shutdown on October 1, 2013 after seventeen …

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Well timed with Iran’s constructive engagement with the international community in Geneva, last week a smear campaign was triggered by BBC Newsnight to add confusion and create pressures. This time an imaginative Saudi-Pakistan nuclear nexus was thrown and linked with progress on Iran’s nuclear programme— this adds a new dimension to Pakistan’s nuclear bashing. No …



Double Jeopardy

Energy and economy are conjoint twins. Pakistan is in double jeopardy, as both of these are in deep troubles. They pose hen and chicken dilemma as to which one caused the other. The new government has taken a right decision to fix both these sectors simultaneously. Promise to fix the energy crisis was one of …

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