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Pope and I are not Charlie!

Mercifully, the pendulum has swung back to sanity. Pope Francis has stated that there were limits to freedom of speech and said other people’s religion could not be insulted or mocked. The pope made the comments in relation to attacks by gunmen on the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.Collective Human conscience has a responsibility towards History. It needs to harmonize and synergize its efforts to take the mankind out of this psychological morass. Pope’s recent statement, UNHRC resolutions and ICCPR provide adequate framework to resolve the issue. UN Security Council should cease the moment and adopt appropriate resolution under chapter 7 of the Charter.

“Pakistan’s Latest Crisis” – A Rebuttal

Despite many success stories by Pakistan Army in its efforts to counter terrorism, the United States (US) intelligentsia does not seem satisfied and Pakistan bashing continues. Recently in the New York Times’ (NYT) June 9, 2014 editorial, i.e., “Pakistan’s Latest Crisis”, again the old rhetoric of not doing enough and playing double game with the …

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Increasing Role of Media in Pakistan

IPRI Review Meeting Increasing Role of Media in Pakistan   Date and Venue:        April 21st, 2014, IPRI Conference Hall Presented by:              Saira Rehman, Assistant Editor.  Introduction People’s perceptions on issues are based on media’s perceptions and media’s perceptions are based mostly on non-investigated assumptions. More information than ever is being produced on more subjects/themes and …

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Post elections’ politics in Afghanistan  

 April 5 elections were not the first elections in Afghanistan, but they may turn as the most important political event in contemporary Afghan history. With the contours of Afghanistan’s political transition becoming clearer, activity has picked-up momentum for post elections’ political settlement. Final results indicate that none of the competitors has been able to cross …

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Winter 2008,Volume VIII, Number 1

Articles Implementing Kashmir Study Group (KSG) Proposal Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan Nuclear Technology Proliferation: Challenges and International Response Muhammad Khurshid Khan Nuclear Weapons, Technology and Strategy: The Cold War and the Unresolved Contradictions Hayatullah Khan Khatttak Why NATO Mission in Afghanistan is Failing? Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad The United States, Maritime Terrorism and Pakistan’s Needs Muhammad …

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Nuclear power generation—Pakistan’s necessity

Last November, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif performed the ground breaking ceremony of Pakistan’s largest nuclear power projects, Kanupp-II and Kanupp-III. China is providing the two reactors alongside a concessional loan of $6.5 billion for the construction of these $9.59 billion plants. When completed in November 2019, these would add 2,200MW to Pakistan’s electric power, at a …

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