Irritants In Pakistan-US Relations: Way Forward

Irritants in Pakistan-US Relations: Way Forward
Pakistan would seem to be a natural partner for the United States. But as Pakistani diplomats and scholars assert in this new volume, the relationship between the two countries has underperformed its potential. They argue that the time has come to ‘reset’ ties and work on a state-to-state relationship based on sovereign equality and respect rather than one which is purely security or personality-driven or one focused on unpredictable single issue arrangements of narrow or indeterminate nature and period.
While the relationship, undoubtedly, suffers from mutual mistrust and suspicion, in order to ‘remake’ it, it is important to holistically and realistically debate key irritants that mar bilateral ties, understand each other’s security concerns, acknowledge contributions made in achieving peace in South Asia and work on commonalities, in which, both sides can work together and expand cooperation in areas such as trade, sustainable development and culture. The authors acknowledge that although resetting this bilateral relationship is essential, rebuilding trust will be a slow and difficult process and cannot be done through mere statements, but by actions on the ground.
Edited by: Sarah Siddiq Aneel
Welcome Address
Brig. (R) Sohail Tirmizi, SI (M)
Inaugural Address
Ambassador (R) Inam-ul-Haque
Overview of Pakistan-US Relations: Strengths and Weaknesses
Ambassador (R) Shamshad Ahmad
Understanding the Making of US Foreign Policy and Pakistan
Ambassador (R) Riaz Hussain Khokhar
Pakistan-India Relationship & Role of US
Dr Salma Malik
Afghanistan Crisis and Pakistan-US Disagreements on Operational Aspects of Countering Terrorism
Dr Tughral Yamin and Faryal Khan
The Third Partnership: Afghan War and Pakistan-US Relations
Dr Rasul Baksh Rais
Accommodating Mutual Concerns: Prospects of Pak-US Ties
Dr Farhan Hanif Siddiqi
Nudging Pak-US Relations in the Right Direction: A Pragmatic Blueprint
compiled by Sarah Siddiq Aneel
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