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Day: 8 March 2018

Making Deradiclisation a Sustainable Process

In this age of globalization the phenomena of terrorism and extremism has become a complex issue posing multidimensional security challenges to states and societies all over the world. The transnational nature of these non-traditional challenges has added new complexities and confusion in this respect. In the last more than sixteen years, the counter-terrorism policies and …

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Winter 2018, Volume XVIII, Number 1

Research Articles A Comparative Study of Blitzkrieg and Cold Start Doctrine: Lessons and Countermeasures for Pakistan Muhammad Ali Baig and Hamid Iqbal                                              1 This study analyses the common theoretical and conceptual attributes of the German Blitzkrieg and India’s Cold Start Doctrine (CSD) and discusses the response options for Pakistan while remaining below the nuclear umbrella. …

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