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IPRI International Seminar Series: “Indian transgressions in IIOJ&K: Post 5th August 2019 Developments and Future Prospects”

On the 5th of August, 2019, the Hindu nationalist party BJP fulfilled a 2019 election manifesto promise by revoking Article 370, granting autonomy to Kashmir, pending final settlement of the dispute.  In defiance of UN Security Council Resolutions, an illegal annexation was effected; Kashmir’s leadership was placed under house arrest, borders closed and all communication with the outside world, shut down.  The Indian Parliament passed the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act 2019, dividing the State into two union territories: i.e. Ladakh and Jammu, and, the State Union Territory, to be directly governed by the Indian government.

Ever since then Indian government has let loose a reign of terror and repression against the Kashmiris who have refused to accept this unjust and unfair usurpation of their rights and erasure of their identity. The Gopkar Declaration member parties which were being wooed by the Modi Government have also rejected the overtures of the Indian government leaving the issue unresolved. The Indian attempts to change the IIOJ&K’s demographics create illegal facts on the ground have been stonewalled through the valiant efforts of the State’s denizens who are in virtual state of incarceration in one of the largest open air jails of the world. The Indian illegal attempts at annexation of a disputed territory are also a flagrant violation of the UN Resolutions for which it deserves censure from international community. The seminar on “Indian transgressions in IIOJ&K: Post 5th August 2019 Developments and Future Prospects” aims at highlighting the Indian illegal annexation of a disputed territory and the development that have taken place in the last two years with special focus on the human rights and legal violations in defiance of UN Resolutions.

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