IPRI Paper 19 ‘India’s Defence Budget and Armed Forces Modernisation: An Analysis’

As one of the world’s largest Armed Forces in a relatively peaceful neighbourhood, India’s defence budget has seen phenomenal rise over the past two decades. This rise goes far beyond its legitimate security needs and has more to do with New Delhi’s hegemonic ambitions since its current force posture reflects a much more assertive India than that of the 1990s. The increase seeks to add to the nuclear and conventional military muscles of the country in its hunger to acquire the most modern equipment for all three services of its military.

This monograph provides comprehensive up-to-date data and analysis of India’s expanding military might in South Asia, and its glorified aims of regional power projection. It shows that while propagating good neighbourliness, India’s defence establishment has always pushed to create actionable options of deterrence, compellence and domination against its smaller neighbours.

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