IPRI Paper (Monograph Series)

IPRI Paper 19- India’s Defence Budget and Armed Forces Modernisation: An Analysis (2017)
IPRI Paper 18- Management of Pakistan-India Relations: Resolution of Disputes (2017)
IPRI Paper 17- Challenge of Identity and Governance Quaid’s Vision: The Way Forward (2013)
IPRI Paper 16- Bharat Mein Mazhabi Zafrani Rukh (2012)
IPRI Paper 15- Genesis and Growth of Naxalite Movement in India (2011)
IPRI Paper 14- Naxal Tehreek: Ibtida aur Farogh (2011)
IPRI Paper 13- China’s Peaceful Rise and South Asia (2008)
IPRI Paper 12- The Ummah and Global Challenges: Re-organising the OIC (2006)
IPRI Paper 11- Pakistan’s Vision East Asia: Pursuing Economic Diplomacy in the Age of Globalisation in East Asia and Beyond (2006)
IPRI Paper 10- Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan (2005)
IPRI Paper 9- India-Pakistan Nuclear Rivalry: Perceptions, Misperceptions, and Mutual Deterrence (2005)
IPRI Paper 8- An Evaluation of Pre-emption in Iraq (2004)
IPRI Paper 7- Rise of Extremism in South Asia (2004)
IPRI Paper 6- Ballistic Missile Defence-China and South Asia (2003)
IPRI Paper 5- Pakistan and the New Great Game (2003)
IPRI Paper 4- Nuclear Risk Reduction in South Asia (2002)
IPRI Paper 3- Pak-U.S. Strategic Dialogue (2002)
IPRI Paper 2- Bharat Mein Intehapasand Hindu Nazriyat ka Farogh (2001)
IPRI Paper 1-Terrorism (2001)

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