IPRI – Islamabad Policy Research Institute

Journal of Current Affairs Vol. 2, No. 1, 2017





Research Papers

  1. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria: A Threat to Pakistan?
    Muhammad Nawaz Khan                                                                  1
  1. Realignment: The UK-China Nexus and What it Means for Pakistan and CPEC
    Muhammad Zarrar Saeed                                                                 27 
  1. Analysis of Determinants for CPEC’s Success and Failure:
    Emerging Challenges and Lessons for Pakistan

    Maryam Nazir                                                                                         51
  1. Pakistan-India Relations under Prime Minister Modi’s Government (2014-16)
    Aymen Ijaz                                                                                               74       
  1. The Kashmir Dispute and Perceptions of Pakistan’s Youth: An Empirical Analysis
    Khurram Abbas                                                                                      95
  1. An Overview of Pakistan’s Security Situation after Operation Zarb-e-Azb
    Saman Zulfqar                                                                                       116                               

Book Reviews

  1. Tilman Pradt, China’s New Foreign Policy: Military Modernisation, Multilateralism
    and the ‘China Threat’
    Muhammad Munir                                                                            137
  1. Michael Eric Dyson, The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of
    Race in America
    Khalid Chandio                                                                                   140 
  1. Jakub J. Grygiel and A. Wess Mitchell, The Unquiet Frontier: Rising Rivals,
    Vulnerable Allies, and the Crisis of American Power
    Aymen Ijaz                                                                                             143
  1. Lars-Christian U. Talseth, The Politics of Power: EU-Russia Energy Relations
    in the 21st Century
    Gulshan Bibi                                                                                           146
  1. Markus Daechsel, Islamabad and the Politics of International Development
    in Pakistan
    Mehran Iqbal                                                                                          149

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