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Intra Afghan Talks: Challenges and Prospects

Afghan government and the Taliban are poised to hold face-to-face talks following behind the scenes encouragement by Pakistan, America and other stakeholders.President Obama’s special envoy, Daniel F Feldman, has visited Islamabad and held important talks. Feldman appreciated Pakistan’s positive role for peace and stability in Afghanistan. Spokesman of Afghan Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid has commented in a message that no doubt that Afghans want peace, but this is possible after the foreign forces stop aggression and allow sovereignty to Afghans. It would be appropriate if all permanent members of UNSC and all six immediate neighbours of Afghanistan jointly underwrite the forthcoming political arrangement in Afghanistan. Above all, America, the real power yielder in Afghanistan’ owes it to the Afghan people and the international community to make the process of intra-Afghan negotiations a success.

Rejoinder to article “State of Delusion” by Husain Haqqani

In his recent article “State of Delusion”, Pakistan’s former envoy to the United States, Husain Haqqani has tried to focus on Pakistan’s traditional fault lines and restate the obvious adnauseum. He questions the ideological foundation of Pakistan’s nation-hood and, as a corollary, statehood.Article begins with an assumption that killing of over 130 school children by …

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