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Terrorism & its roots

  Historically, terrorism required a radicalizing phenomenon of individuals snowballing into societies. Fortunately, reasons that could have caused this boomerang effect amongst non-Muslims have been correctly identified, pursued against and thwarted under the umbrella of UN, NATO led by the US and the West. Whether, it was Indonesia, Sudan, Yugoslavia and recently the Scotland referendum …

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Afghan-US Security Agreement

Afghan-US Security Agreement Afghanistan and the US have signed a security agreement. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during the election campaign supported the stationing of the US troops on Afghan soil, in post-2014. President Ghani after assuming office moved ahead with the plan. “As an independent country … we signed this agreement for stability, goodwill, and …

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Armed Forces of Pakistan & security

ALTHOUGH the year 2014 started witnessing more attacks by the terrorists yet overall it may be expressed that after many years of terrorism, that gripped Pakistan, there is some degree of optimism about the security situation in coming months due to Pakistan Military’s role in countering insurgency and taking steps in North Waziristan recently. Armed …

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Strategic dialogue and Tactical effects

Week long ministerial level meeting of Pakistan-US strategic dialogue concluded on a positive note. Event has resumed after a lull of three years marked by irritants and breakdowns. Credit for re-railing the dialogue goes to both sides. Pak-US bilateral is a complex relationship because American clout extends beyond bilateral horizons. America is able to influence, both …

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