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Khalid H. Chandio

Khalid Hussain Chandio has been working as Research Fellow at Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI). Previously, he had joined IPRI as Assistant Research Officer (ARO) in October 2007. He was then promoted as Research Officer (RO) in February 2013. Before joining IPRI, he worked in different capacities i.e., Media Analyst and Junior Analyst in the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Pakistan, which gave him greater insight in the research and analysis fields. His areas of research include the United States of America (USA) [Its Foreign and Defence Policy, Pak-US Relations, Role of Lobbies in the USA, and Domestic Politics in the USA]. Khalid regularly contributes articles on current strategic issues in English Dailies of Pakistan. He holds M.Phil in International Relations (IR) from School of Politics and International Relations (SPIR), Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), Islamabad, Pakistan and M.Sc in Defence and Strategic Studies (DSS) from the same university.

The Patriot’s Dilemma

It seems that propaganda against Pakistan has become the pastime of so-called intellectuals who are bent upon presenting Pakistan a ‘hard’ country. If one closely monitors, writing adversely against Pakistan has also become a trend within certain Western intellectuals. Lately, Husain Haqqani wrote an opinion article titled ‘For Pakistan, 2018 was just another year of …

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Foreign policy and the 2018 election debate

Pakistan is nearing its election and the political landscape of the country is flooded with campaigns featuring a lot of promises. Mainstream political parties have come up with their respective manifestos, and future programmes. But a debate or mention of foreign policy is altogether missing. The entire focus is on domestic issues. Unlike in Pakistan, …

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Civil Rights under President Trump

The issues of “civil rights” and “racism” have always dominated political landscape of the United States of America (USA) since its creation. Soon after the making of the US constitution in 1789, the first ten amendments, also known as “bill of rights”, were enacted, which tried to address the ambiguities and misconstruction in the constitution …

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