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US national security strategy & concerns in Pakistan

US new National Security Strategy announced by President Donald Trump on December 18, 2017 has raised several questions regarding its implication for global and regional geo-politics. The strategy is criticised by various countries as it is contrary to the ground realities and mostly based on US geo-political interests rather than rationality and cooperative order. Many …

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Cornering Iran

From Middle East to Europe, Donald Trump’s first overseas visit has ended with lot of regional and international implications. If one can sum up Trump’s maiden visit to Middle East, it can be considered as a visit to contain Iran, not only politically, but also strategically in the region. There are three dimensions of Trump’s …

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Pakistan-US Strategic Dialogue

Recently held sixth ministerial-level Pakistan-US Strategic Dialogue, reaffirms the significance of bilateral ties and further strengthening of their relationship. The talks were held in Washington with Pakistan’s delegation led by Mr Sartaj Aziz, Prime Minister’s Adviser on Foreign Affairs, who met with John Kerry, US Secretary of State. Both sides pledged to work for an …

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“Prejudice Dominates Christine Discourse”

It seems that propaganda against Pakistan has become pastime activity with so called intellectuals of the US who know very little about actual conditions in Pakistan and are bent upon making Pak-US engagement impossible. C. Christine Fair, well known for her Pakistan bashing, came up with yet another anti-Pakistan write-up titled “Groundhog Day in US-Pakistan …

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