The Kaleidoscope That is Pakistan

A unique collaborative Book Project from Pakistan, about Pakistan, offering innovative ideas that provocatively revisit and challenge conventional themes like Diplomacy, International Relations, Security, Governance and Economy.


 Rethinking Diplomacy and Politics of Power:  Making Peace Last

1. Rethinking Diplomacy in South Asia: Restraint, Caution & Negotiation

Ambassador (R) Shahid Masroor Gul Kiani

2. India’s Kashmir Lawfare: Pakistan & Change in Narrative

Hassan Aslam Shad

3. Foreign Policy of Major Powers in South Asia and Beyond: Strategic Concerns for Pakistan

Namra Naseer

4. Pakistan/Pakistani in a Foreigner’s Eyes: Changing Perceptions

Shazia Nawaz

 Nuclear and Hybrid Warfare: Important Lessons

1. India’s Shift from a ‘No First Use’ Nuclear Doctrine: Implications for Regional Stability

Dr Adil Sultan

2. A New of Era Hybrid Warfare: Present and Future Trends

Zeeshan Zaighum & Dr Farasat Rasool

Getting Governance and Economics Right

1. Pakistan in a Neoliberal World: Reflections on Ideology and Political Economy

Dr Massimo Ramaioli

2. Economic Governance and Pakistan

Dr Kamal Monnoo                                                                                         

3. Democracy in Pakistan: A Dynamic Work-In-Progress

Javed Jabbar                                                                                        

4. Universal Healthcare and Financial Equity:  Inside Pakistan’s Sehat Sahulat Program

Hannan R. Hussain                                                                             

Climate Change and Water Security: Potential Solutions

1. A Potential Contribution of Text Mining: Comparative Analysis of Water Policies of Pakistan and India

Dr Faheem Aslam

2. Rainwater Harvesting: Viable Solution for Water Security in Rural and Mountainous Areas of Pakistan

Dr Inayatullah Jan

3. Climate Financing Potential in Energy Sector: Towards a Carbon Neutral Pakistan

Imran Khan, Aliya Naz & Fatima Athar