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Trump-Xi Summit

WHILE the world expected that the US-China relations would be more contentious under the new US administration, it has taken an entirely new direction, which was less talked and thought about. Analysts, scholars and strategists spoke of an irresolute yet confrontational relation between the US and China, seeing the posture President Trump adopted and statements …

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Power and Economic Shifts in Global System

IPRI Review Meeting Power and Economic Shifts in Global System (October 29, 2015)  Introduction An IPRI Review meeting on “Power and Economic Shifts in Global System” was held at IPRI conference hall on October 29, 2015. The review meeting analyzed the trends related to the polarity of global economy, and the reconfiguration of global power …

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US tilt towards Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific’s strategic significance coupled with the region’s economic progress has raised the region’s stature for regional as well as global players. Hillary Clinton at the East West Centre, Honolulu described the pivot strategy as: “It is becoming increasingly clear that in the 21st century, the world’s strategic and economic centre of gravity will be …

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Pakistan’s connectivity ventures

In the context of globalization, connectivity, diplomacy and trade are not stand alone activities, rather these are parts of a comprehensive concept. If the political and territorial disputes are settled then borders become a source of flow and not obstruction. Connectivity and mobility are essential contributors towards prosperity and wellbeing of the people. Pakistan is …

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