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Visit of Johns Hopkins University’s Scholars to IPRI

A delegation of Scholars lead by Dr. Joshua T. White, (Associate Professor of the Practice of South Asia Studies) from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), USA, visited IPRI on January 16, 2019. Issues of mutual interest including Afghan peace process, Pak-US bilateral relations, Pakistan’s energy security amongst others were discussed. For details, …

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Indian army kills Kashmiri student mistaken for rebel

Protesters demand criminal investigation against soldiers involved in killing teenage victim ‘disfigured’ in shooting. Reference: Rifat Fareed, “Indian army kills Kashmir student mistaken for rebel,” Aljazeera, August 24, 2017, http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/08/indian-army-kills-kashmir-student-mistaken-rebel-170824083746569.html

Focusing on the Last Attack in Kabul: Daesh or the Taliban, Who is Responsible? Part I

The plight of the Afghan people is at stake: on Wednesday 31 May, at 8.20 am, a devastating attack plunged Kabul into pain. A tanker filled with explosives killed at least 90 people and wounded 461 at Wazir Akbar Khan, a neighborhood in the Afghan capital, where foreign embassies are located. Another victim is the …

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Afghan Peace processes sans peace

Another Afghan peace process has caught international attention, albeit belatedly. Russia, China and Pakistan got together in Moscow, on December 27, for the third round of secretary level talks. Though earlier two rounds went almost unnoticed, the recent one invoked an overreaction from Kabul, while Washington also radiated a feeling of unease. Nonetheless, the outcome …

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The two independence days!

August 14-15 were celebrated by Pakistan and India as respective independence days— tenor of celebrations was as if both are rejoicing independence from each other rather than from the colonial master—Britain. This time Pakistan had dedicated its independence day to the ongoing freedom struggle in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). And to re-rail the process of …

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Afghan peace a far cry!

Significant factors impacting peaceful or otherwise Afghanistan are: stay-exit dilemma of the US, will of the Taliban, Indian meddling, handling of Afghan refugees, Pak-Afghan border management, Afghan government’s action against TTP bands etc. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s recent report on Afghanistan reinforces the firm international consensus, duly shared by Pakistan that, ‘Only by …

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