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NATO’s Relevance and Europe’s Search for an Alternative

The North Treaty Organization (NATO) came into being to guarantee security to the war-torn Europe after the most devastated war in human history called “World War II.” It was precisely meant for containing “Communist” threat from the former Soviet Union. The “Warsaw Pact” was the response to NATO during the height of cold war by …

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“Pakistan’s Latest Crisis” – A Rebuttal

Despite many success stories by Pakistan Army in its efforts to counter terrorism, the United States (US) intelligentsia does not seem satisfied and Pakistan bashing continues. Recently in the New York Times’ (NYT) June 9, 2014 editorial, i.e., “Pakistan’s Latest Crisis”, again the old rhetoric of not doing enough and playing double game with the …

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Challenges to China’s Peaceful Rise

President Obama’s April 2014 visit to Asian counties has reinforced the concerns about America letting China rise peacefully. During this visit Obama reassured Washington’s allies ‘in the face of threats to stability from North Korea and an increasingly assertive China’. He conveyed that the US is duty-bound to come to Japan’s aid in the event …

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