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Wilderness of our counter terrorism effort

Yes, one may argue whether two to three feet taller boundary wall could have prevented the attack, but one can’t deny the fact that this low and dilapidated boundary wall is symbolic representative of our overall national counter terrorism effort—and the attitude of those responsible to prevent such attacks. Training Institutions, like the one that …

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The knotty trio: Pakistan-Afghanistan-America

The inaugural meeting of the Pak-Afghan Joint Technical Working Group was held in Kabul on July 26 under a recently set-up consultation mechanism for coordination on border management and related security “to discuss issues related to border security and joint fight against terrorism on both sides of the Durand Line,” said a brief statement issued …

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Afghan peace a far cry!

Significant factors impacting peaceful or otherwise Afghanistan are: stay-exit dilemma of the US, will of the Taliban, Indian meddling, handling of Afghan refugees, Pak-Afghan border management, Afghan government’s action against TTP bands etc. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s recent report on Afghanistan reinforces the firm international consensus, duly shared by Pakistan that, ‘Only by …

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Yes, No, Yes of Afghan peace process

Since Karzai era, sinking economy, perpetuating corruption and incompetent security agencies have marred Afghanistan’s domestic environment. No wonders the fault lines that prompt Afghan leadership towards blaming Pakistan for everything that could go wrong in Afghanistan are snowballing.  At a time when President Ashraf Ghani should be unveiling a viable political framework for talks with …

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