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Raashid Wali Janjua

Godse’s India

The ethereal beauty of the Kashmir valley is being assaulted by the ugliness of Indian depredations on human rights and international law fronts in the disputed territory. The disputed status of IIOJK is a fact established by 18 United Nations resolutions. The statement of the Russell Tribunal mentions the Kashmir issue as the worst exemplar …

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Envisaging a path free from discord

Pakistan’s politics has entered a torrid phase of confrontation and polarisation. The reasons for the present political turmoil are rooted in changing socio-economic dynamics and emerging equilibrium in civil-military relations. Pakistan’s present civil-military relations are emblematic of an equilibrium defined by Paul W Zagorski according to which in a stable democracy the patterns of civil-military …

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A closer relationship

The Pakistan-US relationship is taking a new shape in the wake of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Political experts also believe that in the absence of any strategic convergence of interests other than counterterrorism cooperation, the US-China rivalry is likely to affect Pakistan-US relations in future. Due to Pakistan’s interests vis-a-vis regional protagonists in the …

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