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US Rebalancing Policy & the Regional Riddle

The US “rebalancing” strategy is primarily aimed at China as the country has the world’s second-largest economy after the US and it is growing fast, accompanied with soft power and military modernization lately. In this way, the US is trying to maneuver diplomatically, militarily, and financially in Chinese periphery. These advancements will have grave ramifications …

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Palestine Focus

Excluding rarities, the Palestine policy of successive US administrations have been erratic, ambiguous and, may be, mischievous, aimed at maintaining status quo. No serious efforts have been made to reconcile the operational level contradictions of this policy. Though halfhearted diplomatic efforts were launched, with pomp and show, by most of the administrations, these were crookedly …

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Another round of Pakistan–India talks in the offing

In a follow-up action to his recent visit to India, President Obama’s half an hour phone call to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has set the stage for resumption of Pakistan-India dialogue. New Indian Foreign Secretary is likely to visit Pakistan to resume the process from the point his predecessor had disrupted. However, at the same …

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