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Why Trump crying foul is considered mishmash, a bad example for Africa

  Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump gather in front of the Arizona State Capitol Building to protest about the early results of the 2020 presidential election, in Phoenix, Arizona, November 4, 2020. /ReuterDonald Trump in his race towards the White House against rival Joe Biden has issued statements claiming the results of the 2020 …

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Civil Rights under President Trump

The issues of “civil rights” and “racism” have always dominated political landscape of the United States of America (USA) since its creation. Soon after the making of the US constitution in 1789, the first ten amendments, also known as “bill of rights”, were enacted, which tried to address the ambiguities and misconstruction in the constitution …

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Riyadh Summit

President Trump made a splashy debut on the world stage with the commencement of his nine-day, multi-country tour last week. The diplomatic maneuvering started off with the astounding reception in Saudi Arabia with renewed aspirations for bilateral relations. While the gestures and words spoke of the highly conventional US Middle East policy, giving impressions of …

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Trump-Xi Summit

WHILE the world expected that the US-China relations would be more contentious under the new US administration, it has taken an entirely new direction, which was less talked and thought about. Analysts, scholars and strategists spoke of an irresolute yet confrontational relation between the US and China, seeing the posture President Trump adopted and statements …

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